• Under NO circumstances shall Onsite Computer Support be liable for any loss, inconvenience or damage cost exceeding the current value price of the item.


  • We are not responsible for any unsaved files and programs that are lost during a service (Client must be responsible for saving any data before bringing an item for a service).


  •  We’ll never intentionally harm your item; customer will be warned about possible risks of the repair. Service is done at customer’s own discretion risk; the customer is solely responsible for any unintentional damage done during the repair service. 


  • If the technician accidentally performs an incorrect service, we’ll perform the needed service to repair the item with no labor charge but we reserve the right to charge for the parts needed to complete the job correctly.


  • We are NOT responsible for any unclaimed item left over 30 days after service is completed, unclaimed items will be recycled or sold to recover any repair fees.


  •  Services cannot be cancel once the technician has already started or completed. If a client needs to cancel an incomplete service a cancellation fee will apply, fee varies base on service cost.


  • A deposit is required for online orders, the deposit must be pay in full or half of the part price before ordering.


  • Online orders cannot be cancel once is already ordered, if cancel a cancellation fee will apply.


  • Items cannot be return to customers until payment is completed for the services done.






  • Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.


  • We’ll conduct all services in a reasonable timely manner, although client must understand that technical difficulties can appear that could delay the process.


  • We will provide free support for 30 days from the date of invoice for any finished service order that is not completely resolved.




  •  All parts are guaranteed for 14 days from the date on the invoice when payment was received.


  • All Services are guaranteed for 30 days from the date on the invoice when payment was received.


  • Computer purchases have 90 days warranty from date of the invoice. 


  • Any item or part with physical damage done by the customer will be out of warranty coverage.





Device brand names are registered trademarks of their manufacturers.  We are an independent service company and have no affiliation with any manufacturers.